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Highland Rim Springs offers many different bottled water system options from the best manufacturers in the world. We have many different styles of systems available to suit your décor. Energy efficient compressors make these systems desirable for every situation.

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Safe and clean water is imperative for a healthy life. Doing each and every task requires you to be in good health which in turn depends, among other thing, on the quality of your water. One way to ensure healthy drinking water, is to install a water filtration system.

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Highland Rim Springs is a family owned local company that prides itself on taking care of it’s customers the way business used to be. You will be pleased with our no contract handshake approach to coffee service allows us to earn your business instead of trapping you into an agreement.

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Highland Rim Springs is very excited and proud of our new Vending Service Market! Increase employee satisfaction and employee productivity with our vending machines. Healthy  Customized for any business small to large - from less than 50 to thousands! Comes in all shapes and sizes.

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About Highland Rim Springs

Highland Rim Springs operate on the philosophy of providing the best possible solution to the needs of our customers. This concern for our customers is reflected in all our services. Whether it is a bottled water system, filtration systems or coffee services, all of our services are designed to provide customers with variety and flexibility. We are perfectly aware that every customer has varying needs and preferences. We strive to offer customized solutions to our customers to give them exactly what they need.

Our bottled water systems are a perfect example of our concern for our customers. Bottled water systems at Highland spring are provided with a vision, that there is nothing more important than our customers’ health. Our bottled water systems are 100% pure, in contrast to municipal water that is chlorinated, contains iron and other impurities as well. You can use our bottled water system for variety of purposes. One great use of our bottled water systems is to utilize the system to obtain water for your coffee. As our bottled water is clear of any impurities, the coffee made with it would surely have a superior taste. Our bottled water and bottled water systems include following features:

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5 Gallon Service

Filtered and Bottled Water Coolers

Name Brand Water Delivery

Recycle Program

In addition to bottled water systems, we also offer water filtration systems. Like our bottled water system, our water filtration systems are also offered with the aim to provide best solution to our customers. The water filtration systems also come in different designs and styles and are capable of accommodating varying preferences of our customers.

Our coffee services, like all other services, aim to provide a solution for businesses looking to improve productivity and reduce wasted work hours. Coffee services provided by Highland Rims come with a guarantee of timely delivery. In addition, the variety offered by our coffee services will leave nothing to be desired. Coffee services at Highland Rim Springs also include regular maintenance of the equipment, which is done totally without any charges.

Most services offered by Highland Rim springs do not involve a contract. This indicates the confidence we have about quality of our services. For us concerns of profit or loss are never more important than our concern for customers. While providing bottled water systems, water filtration systems and coffee services our major concern always is that by using our services, customers are placing their trust in us for their health. With concern in our customers’ health always in mind, we strive to provide the services which will contribute to the healthiness of our customers.

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