Highland Rim Springs, LLC fresh drinking water is bottled at it’s source, Beaty’s Spring, located in Pickett County, Tennessee, providing true and pure fresh bottled drinking water. Our water is disinfected by the use of an UV light and is filtered by .2 micron filters to remove any sediment that may be present. An extra molecule of oxygen, in the form of ozone, is used to further disinfect the water. This final process is know as ozonation and will dissipate after a few hours leaving no residual taste or odor; just simple, pure and true fresh spring water.

Our water has been given the distinct label of being a "Pick Tennessee Products”. Pick Tennessee Products is the promotional campaign through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture that works to connect consumers with locally made food products.

Benefits of Bottled Spring Water

Spring water has a clean, natural taste that is not found in tap water. For one thing, there is no harsh chlorine taste. Another problem with tap water is iron, especially in private well systems. Our bottled water is fresh and clear of these problems.

Spring water also has a number of health benefits due to minerals such as calcium and magnesium. A lot of diets are deficient in these minerals and drinking bottled spring water can help replace these vital nutrients.

If you want fresh-tasting spring water that is completely safe to drink, give us a call and ask about our bottled water services.