Office Coffee Services: Keeping Your Team Alert with a Good Cup of Joe

Coffee is a staple in every workplace, in the same way as computers and copiers. A savory cup of joe makes guests feel appreciated—but more importantly, it helps keep employees alert, thus promoting productivity. In fact, a study featured in showed that caffeine helps improve memory and concentration among workers. It further suggested that for those in the night shift, drinking coffee almost has the same positive effects as taking a power nap.


In spite of what coffee breaks can contribute to the day’s output, however, many offices are still unaware of whether they are providing their team with coffee of good quality. In some companies, the coffee tastes great, rivaling brews from posh coffee chains. In others, though, people try to mask the taste with generous amounts of sugar and cream, which isn’t good for the health.

Here are three simple tips to make repeat trips to your coffee brewer worth taking:

  • Buy quality supplies. Employees want flavorful coffee, so the beans should be freshly-roasted and of good value. Check out the roast date; usually, the first 4-12 days off the roast is when coffee tastes the best. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should throw out coffee 12 days old, but take note that the older it gets, the less satisfying the flavor goes. Opt for lighter roasts unless you’re sure everyone likes it with a bitter taste.
  • Clean the machine regularly. If your brewer hasn’t been cleaned for weeks or months, chances are there’s already some build-up inside which will affect the taste of your coffee. Oil from coffee beans, minerals from the water, and residue from past brews tend to accumulate over time. No matter the quality of the beans you purchase, it would amount to nothing if the coffee has to go through a clogged filter.
  • Hire trusty coffee service. Whether you’ve yet to purchase your first brewer or are replacing an old, jittery machine, professional coffee services can provide all the products and equipment you need. The service also includes equipment cleaning during each visit. Work with a service provider that can deliver you supplies regularly but which won’t overstock your break room because you have to keep your coffee as fresh as possible.

Business Insider emphasized that good coffee is one of the office perks you should invest on. If you feel that your coffee program is less than satisfactory, companies like Highland Rim Springs—which also provides bottled water to offset the heat of the coffee—can help you. To help keep you employees active throughout the day, see to it that they get the best coffee around.


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